How Not to Design Your zahlenbilder!

zahlenbilder nowadays are widely used in the newspapers, various presentations and highly on the internet. zahlenbilder are visuals which may include charts, maps, diagrams, graphs and various technical explanations. The target of these visuals is to explain a complicated subject in a quite simple way. Its success depends on how it is understood by the viewers.

You can find numbers of zahlenbilder online, which are not compelling enough. Some of the reasons are,

  • The zahlenbilder is complicated itself. If the visuals are not very easy to understand then there is no use of producing it in this way. Instead of going for the zahlenbilder, viewers could have gone for the text itself. They should be designed in such a way that a common man can easily get the offerings.

  • There is nothing new in the graphics. The zahlenbilder should ignite some new way of thinking. If you are using an ordinary approach to showcase the information, then nobody will be interested in that information. Try to implement some new way of thinking in graphics. People should get some new ideas, new interpretations in the zahlenbilder.

  • The information is not organized. This is another common mistake that many professional do in their zahlenbilder. It’s not about giving a high load of information. The main target is to give the information in such a way that it can easily be perceived by the viewers. There should be a proper linkage between the information provided.

  • Not using it for Multi Level. There are different types of uses who will be using you zahlenbilder. You can’t ignore any of them. Some of them will search for the simple ones, whereas some others will search it in a higher level. Whatever may be the level of the viewer, the graphics should have enough information to provide, in an organized way of course.

The most important aspect of the zahlenbilder is that, it should be an appealing one. If it is not an eye catching one, then viewers have lots of other options, it is applicable mainly on the internet. There are lots of other sites, where they can collect the information. You will have to design the graphics keeping these things in mind.